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Top ACP panel manufacturers in the world

April 15,2023

Top ACP Panel Makers 

Modern aluminium composite panels include a non-aluminum core between thin metal sheets.

Modern signage, transportation, and cladding employ them.

Cheap, easy-to-clean ACPs are popular. Beautiful and strong.

Aluminum Composite Panel, Newcobond ACP panel, Alusign ACP Supplier


World-renowned 3A Composites ACP. Building ornamental cladding. Businesspeople, architects, and bespoke homebuilders use it.

Top ACP panel manufacturers provide several products to meet consumer demands. Quality aluminium sheets, colours, and panels.

Germany-based 3A Composites makes lightweight transportation, architectural, industrial, visual communication, and wind energy solutions. Plastic sheets, lightweight foam board, and structural composite material are available.

Waterproof, patented products are low-maintenance. Their numerous colours and sizes let designers customise creations.

Alubond makes ACPs. US ACP output is 25 million square metres.

JINHU Aluminum Group produces ACP panels. Painted aluminium coils are inspected. It makes ACP panels and knows customers.

ACP panel leader. Global innovation leader. Cutting-edge Shanghai factory. Global shipping.

Polymershapes acm


American aluminium producer Alcoa 200 worldwide sites. Melts, casts and rolls aluminium. Aluminum foils, tubes, and impact extrusions are created.

Henry F. Alcoa started Alcoa in 1888. Alcoa produces most aluminium.

Alcoa is global. Bauxite mining, hydroelectric power plants, fabrication, and worldwide sales are its assets.

Aluminum producer serves transportation, electrical, home remodelling, furniture, and automobile sectors. 200 factories employ 130,000 worldwide.

Alcoa dominates ornamental aluminium. Design Line and Colorweld 500 coil-coat.

Alcoa provides all Reynobond NC double sheet panels. Fabricators may match Reynolux and ACM since they share a colour palette.

3A Composites makes ACP. Airex, Baltex, Dibond, KAPA, Alucore.

ACP flat panels comprise two aluminium sheets and a non-aluminum core. Signage, facades, insulation, and cladding are durable.

History fascinates. Signs become wraps.

Architectural and construction features make ACPs such as Newcobond's mirror ACP popular on buildings and infrastructure globally. A core joins two thin aluminium sheets. Surface coatings vary.

Various firms make ACPs. Leading ACP panel producer Alubond.

Interior design, contemporary external cladding, advertising signs, and transportation are offered. Korea and Japan power its goods.

Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific are its manufacturing bases. Strong fireproof aluminium composite panels.

ACP panels covered residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Panels connect chemically and mechanically.

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant. Recyclable too.

Versatile. Wash panels.

Smokeless, fireproof. Powerful elegance.

The firm has environmental audits. Environmental management began in 2006.

Build ACP panels. They provide lifelong warranties.

Sunshine creates ACP panels. Products last. Exterior construction, partitioning, and cladding employ these panels.

Simple, light. Low upkeep. It survives sunlight. Colors exist.

Chemical and abrasion-resistant ACP. Eco-friendly, recyclable. 85% aluminium.

Globally cheap ACP. Simple setup. Visible, low-maintenance.

Business weatherproof. It's dust-proof. Fireproof too.

Flexible, light. It accommodates modular kitchens, artificial ceilings, and internal walls.

ACP finishes. PVDF, FEVE, or polyester may paint it.

Corrosion-resistant coatings shield panels. They safeguard materials.

Sunshine creates ACP panels. Linyi Jinhu Aluminum Group wholly owns and runs 12 sophisticated manufacturing lines globally.

The firm offers low-cost, high-quality products and great service. 13 years.

Spain-based Alucoil produces Newcobond acp panels. The firm creates high-tech aluminium materials for construction, transportation, and industry. Four continents have contemporary industries and offices.

Alucoil Larson(r) FR and A2 are innovative architectural cladding materials. Larson(r) FR features two 5005 alloy aluminium sheets and a mineral fire retardant (FR) core. B-S1, d0 meets UNE-EN 13501-1.

Countries that ban composite panels without an A2-s1, d0 fire class may utilise Larson(r) A2, another Alucoil innovation. A mineral fire retardant (FR) or polyethylene PE core links two 5005 alloy 0.5 mm aluminium sheets, depending on local legislation.

It suits semi-ventilated and airtight facades. Lightweight and simple to install. Soundproofs and insulates.

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