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Alucobond Panel Thickness

Choosing the proper alucobond panel thickness for your next project may be difficult, but with a little research and the right knowledge, you'll be able to identify the greatest solutions for your structure. Whether you need fire-resistant paneling, high-quality paint finishes, or a variety of other characteristics, you'll have no trouble finding the correct materials for your structure.

Spectra colors

It is a wise decision to use Alucobond Spectra in the construction of a structure. The innovative color finishing technology of the company allows you to achieve an ever-changing color range in your cladding. You'll get an attractive appearance, an exceptional finish, and a more affordable option to glass. Spectra colors can be ordered from a catalog or customized to fit your needs.

The Alucobond Spectra hues are an appealing, low-maintenance substitute for classic glass. For starters, the panel is made of two sheets of 0.02-inch aluminum thermobonded to a plastic core. The panels are approximately 4mm thick and weigh around 1.52 lb/sf. They are also shielded from corrosion by an anti-corrosive Peraluman alloy.

The Alucobond Spectra or alucobond panel isn't the only one on the market. In fact, based on its main product, the business has launched a number of alternative color finishing systems. For example, the Natural Wood Series is available in five colors, while the Vivid (FEVE) color palette provides a plethora of other alternatives.

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