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White Wall Cladding Panels

Adding white wall cladding panels to your home can be an excellent way to create an attractive, functional, and long-lasting surface that you will enjoy for many years. When it comes to selecting the perfect panels for your space, you have several options, including smooth and textured panel boards, sand-blasted and double matchboards.


To create the desired look, many materials and textures can be mediablasted. These materials include stone, brick, tile, and wood. The texture you choose is determined on your budget and project.

Polished, lacquered, high-gloss, and natural are the most prevalent cladding finishes. There are also various finishes that look like stone or granite. The cladding material such as wall cladding panels will be visible depending on the finish you select.

Sand is frequently used to tint precast panels. The technique, however, can leave microscopic divots in the material. This can have an impact on the coating bond. The covering can be weakened if the craters are too shallow. This can cause corrosion.

Silicon carbide is an abrasive used in the polishing of hard rock. It can also be used to remove mill scales from glass.

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