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acm sheet

You must comprehend the many requirements if you intend to use ACM sheet to create a structure. The specifications for these building materials are laid out in the GB/T3880 standard. An acm panel's top and bottom panels should typically be at least 0.20mm thick. Fluorocarbon should also be applied to the material.


For cladding and fau00e7ade applications that call for a long-lasting and distinctive appearance, Reynobond by ARCONIC is the ideal choice. It is corrosion-resistant and remarkably light thanks to the core of its fusion-bonded aluminum-plastic combination. Due to its distinctive hue, it is a standout option for architectural curves and highlights in buildings.

This aluminum composite material can be easily incorporated into architectural constructions and is very versatile. A seamless facade is the end product. The material has practically limitless color and design variations and is lightweight and simple to produce. Additionally, it comes in custom sizes. The finished seamless appearance of Reynobond ACM panels is unmatched for distinctive design accents.

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