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acp sheet 4mm

Eurobond is a market leader in the aluminum composite panel industry. Under the banner of Euro Panel Products Pvt., it operates. Ltd. for more than a decade and provides acp sheet 4mm. The company operates a factory that produces approximately 18,000 square meters per day and has a presence throughout India.


Eurobond has been the market leader in the production of aluminum composite panels for a long time. Eurobond has a factory with an installed capacity of 18,000 square meters per day and a presence throughout India. Applications in the interior, exterior, and signage make use of these adaptable panels. They are great for both residential and commercial projects because they last a long time.

Eurobond manufactures highly fire-retardant FR ACPs. There are three distinct types of FR ACPs available from the company. PVDF is a material found in fire-resistant ACPs. Due to its resistance to UV rays, the added chemical has been utilized in paints.

The fact that acp is extremely adaptable and can be molded into any design is yet another advantage. It is also light and simple to use. As a result, it is an inexpensive material. Additionally, it is available in a selection of hues and finishes. For exterior applications, you should use acp sheet if you want to clad your home.

ACP's durability is another feature that sets it apart from other types of PVC. Chemicals, fading, and scratching are all prevented by this material. Because of this, it's a good choice for use outside. ACP has interior applications as well as exterior ones.

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