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acp sheets

Sandwich panels are a popular choice for applications that require low weight while maintaining structural rigidity. The aluminium sandwich panel is made up of three layers, with a thin skin layer bonded to each side. Its core is low density.


Aluminum Composite Panel (acp) sheets are now widely used in construction. They are known for their durability and fire-proof properties and are used to cover the exterior walls and windows of buildings. They are available in a variety of colors and textures to complement any architectural design.

Internal partitions and kitchens are also made of ACP. The lightweight material is simple to handle and care for. It is also fire and corrosion resistant. This is an excellent material for high-rise structures. The material is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is also very inexpensive.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is a high-quality material with high tensile strength and thermal comfort. It also has excellent anti-fade and scratch resistance. Using ACP sheets can help you save money on electricity and construction. They also offer excellent dust and termite protection.

ACP sheets are constructed from several thick layers. The core material is critical to its safety rating. Mineral fiber should be used for the core.

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