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alucobond acp sheet

There are a few things to think about whether you're trying to replace an existing aluminum composite panel (acp) sheet and acm panels or are just in the market for a new one. These suggestions can assist you in making the greatest decision, from picking the appropriate color to making sure you have enough support.


In the Indian market, Viva ACP Sheets is a well-known producer of acp sheets. Their goods are well known for their variety of finishes, textures, and designs. Additionally, they hold a number of eco-certificates. They are renowned for their anti-bacterial coatings and fire-retardant ACPs.

ACPs are the ideal material for architectural cladding since they are lightweight and flexible. Additionally, they can be bent into many forms. Additionally, installation is simple. They can be utilized for interior du00e9cor in addition to exterior cladding. These items come in a range of textures and colors, enabling architects to produce imaginative, exciting designs.

The ALUCORE(r) brand is well known throughout the world. It is the first lightweight panel in the entire globe with a permanent bond. High mechanical qualities, excellent processing, and excellent aesthetics combine to make this material special. It can be applied to complex projects including interior design, roofing, and facade cladding. It is also quite resistant to weathering.

Aluminum is used in the aluminum honeycomb core of ALUCORE(r), a lightweight composite panel. The composite panel's high rigidity is a result of the honeycomb core. Additionally, it is fire-resistant, which makes it perfect for a variety of applications.

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