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alucobond aluminium composite panel

Architects and designers choose alucobond aluminium composite panels because of the good insulation properties, ease of fabrication, and low maintenance. They also find the product to be resistant to rust, corrosion, and other damage.

AA-C22-A42 Architectural Class II

The aluminum composite panel AA-C22-A42 Architectural Class II is intended for interior applications. It weighs 1.52 lb/sf, and it is 0.157 inches thick. For curtain wall applications, it is advised. Additionally, a multi-coat urethane finish is offered. The company that makes it is 3A Composites. An aluminum stabilizer substrate and a 2-lb density isocyanurate substrate make up the AA-C22-A42 Architectural Class II panel. Additionally, it is constructed from two metal sheets sandwiching a solid core. There must be no cavities in the core material. In its produced state, it has a yield strength of 115 N mm/mm. Warp, buckle, and fasteners must not be present on the panel faces. They must be plumb as well. The surfaces must also be level, smooth, and free from defects.

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For many restoration tasks, using Alucobond aluminum composite panel might be a practical choice. It is a hard substance with a selection of textures and finishes. For all kinds of architectural and building jobs, it is perfect. Two sheets of aluminum that are each 0.02-inches thick make up an Alucobond composite panel. Then, a unique coating that offers greater resistance to hostile outside forces is applied to the material. Additionally, the coating enhances colorfastness.

Curved or flat panels of Alcobond can be placed. It can be used for facades, soffits, and modular building. It's strong, resistant to the elements, and unbreakable. Aluminum composite panel sheets that are smooth or embossed can be used to create the material. It comes in a variety of stocked sizes. An aluminum composite panel called Alucobond is ideal for projects that are located in areas with harsh weather conditions. It has an impact-resistant property and can form curves. In addition, the material is lightweight and offers a range of color options.

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