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alucobond panel sizes

There are many different alucobond panel sizes available, whether you work as a residential or commercial building contractor. Because there are so many different grades and thicknesses to choose from, it can be difficult. Here are some details about these various panel types that you should be aware of.

Spectra colors celebrate the natural color shifts

The architects of a new residential tower in Vancouver, British Columbia, were able to achieve a contemporary, uncluttered aesthetic for the building by utilizing ALUCOBOND (r) PLUS such as alucobond composite panel in the Spectra color-shifting finishing system. Depending on the angle of view, the building's cladding can change color thanks to this color-shifting system. The Spectra finishes allow for a natural manipulation of light in addition to changing color.

As a result, the architects of the building desired an alternative to the traditional cladding they were using. In order to create 300 different ALUCOBOND (r) Plus panel shapes, Sobotec created engineering plans. Additionally, the company installed the units in a controlled setting.

ALUCOBOND (r) PLUS in White Gold, a Spectra color-shifting finish, particularly impressed architects. This aluminum composite material was chosen by the architects as the ideal accompaniment to Exo's color-changing smart glass technology. The material's ability to change colors will also prevent the structure from looking "dated."

The residential towers' elevations have ALUCOBOND (r) PLUS panels that give the appearance of fins. The panels also have a PVDF coating that was applied in the factory. This offers sturdiness and a beautiful finish that is resistant to fading and corrosion. The Spectra colors honor the finer details in nature.

The design of this building allows for the natural manipulation of light and a back-painted glass appearance thanks to the use of ALUCOBOND (r) in the Spectra color-shifting finish. The building uses metallic elements in addition to natural colors.

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