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alum composite panel

If you're looking for a low-cost and lightweight material for your construction project, you should consider an aluminum composite panel. This three-layer panel is made up of a low-density core, with a thin skin layer bonded to the sides. It's often used in applications that require high structural rigidity but low weight.


Building with aluminum composite panels is affordable and lightweight. Due to its characteristics, it is perfect for ventilated building facades. Shaped and drilled alum composite panels can be used to make a variety of patterns. Additionally, they are quite flexible, allowing for a wide variety of construction, coloring, and transformation procedures.

A mineral or polyethylene core is sandwiched between two layers of 0.3 mm aluminum to create alum composite panels. The final acp aluminum composite panel is robust, stiff, and lightweight. It is perfect for applications including facade, soffits, column coverings, and internal and exterior cladding. Innovative and inventive designs can be offered by architects while yet adhering to sustainable planning guidelines thanks to its visual appeal and longevity. In Benton, Kentucky, aluminum composite panel known as ALUCOBOND (r) is produced. It is available in four-mm thick sheets. The panels are made from two aluminum sheets, one of which is smooth. Each sheet contains a fire-retardant mineral core. ALUCOBOND PLUS is particularly useful for parapet caps and canopies. It also is excellent for incorporating painted metal trim.

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