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installing acm panels

Installing ACM panels is a complex process that requires accurate panel measurement. The panels are then installed in a fixed, directional order on a mounting system using clips and shims for leveling. The panels are also fitted with strips to cover gaps between panels. When properly installed, the acm system will provide a weathertight seal and keep the interior and exterior of the building dry.

Dry gasket joints

The wet sealant method and the dry gasket joint method are almost identical, but dry gaskets are used in place of sealants. It is a better method for making sure the connection is tight and leak-proof and will reduce the amount of dirt and filth that gathers in the joint. It's critical to keep in mind that the gasket should be flawless and precisely cut to avoid pinches.

The hanging system is the most popular way to install acp panels. The method speeds up building and streamlines the procedure. It entails employing mounting clips to fasten the panels to the building's substructure 50. After that, screws or other fasteners are used to attach the panel assemblies to the mounting clips.The panels' side parts 36 are fastened to the substructure 50 in a coplanar relationship by engaging the mounting clips 30.

Omega-Lite (r) aluminum composite panel acp are compatible with the Dry Seal Installation System, a waterproof sealing system. The method has a deep reveal appearance and does not require caulking. For both new construction projects and renovation projects, it is a sensible choice. A pressure-equalized rainscreen can also be used to install ACP panels. Both indoor and outdoor use are appropriate for this kind of joint. It can be used in conditions that are typically colder. To avoid condensation, the panels should be insulated if they are mounted indoors. Likewise, if the panels are placed outside, they must have a fire-resistant coating.

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