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pvdf aluminium composite panel

Among the various products used for the protection of your home from the harsh climate is pvdf aluminium composite panel. This type of panel is very durable and is also dirt repellent. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain.

PVDF coating is an excellent supplement to aluminum

Whether you are building new buildings or renovating your old buildings, pvdf acp coating is a wonderful supplement to aluminum composite panels. PVDF coating is highly efficient and provides great resistance to air pollutants. In addition, it is durable and provides excellent corrosion resistance. It is also very resistant to strong ultraviolet radiation.

PVDF coating is used in curtain wall framing, industrial areas, construction and skylights. PVDF coating is available from leading fluorocarbon coating manufacturers such as PPG, AKZO, PPG, and DNT. These products are available in a variety of thicknesses. They can be purchased from color plates or from the manufacturer.

PVDF coating is applied as a two-layer spray coatings. The first layer is a primer and the second is a topcoat. The thickness of each coat depends on the application. In addition to the thickness, the content of PVDF resin should be between seventy-five and eighty percent.

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PVDF mirror ACP panels are easy to install and maintain

Whether you are building a commercial building or an industrial structure, PVDF mirror ACP panels are an ideal option for you. These panels are highly durable and easy to install and maintain.

Besides, they are also easy to clean. They are coated with PVDF coatings that impart anti-ageing properties to the ACP cladding. They also provide excellent protection to the substrate.

PVDF mirror ACP panels are used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The panels are also used in chemical industries. They provide better water resistance and are characterized by high hardness. Moreover, they deliver excellent brightness.

The panels are available in different thicknesses. They are available in various colors and special finishes. The panels also provide abrasion resistance. They can be used in various applications such as cladding for walls, windows, curtain wall cladding and advertisement screens.

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