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pvdf aluminum composite panel

There are numerous factors to be aware of whether you want to construct or purchase an aluminum composite panel. Several of them will be covered in this post. You will discover how they are created, how they are coated, and how they are put together.


Compared to ordinary aluminum composite panel printing, PVDF aluminum composite panel is more durable and has better aesthetics. It is also more suitable for exterior decoration.

PVDF aluminum composite panel has an elegant surface, a smooth and level surface, a high mechanical quality, a high resistance to moisture and a good sound insulation. PVDF aluminum composite panel is also very lightweight, which can be easily folded. PVDF aluminum composite panel has a thick internal core made of PE and an outer layer of PVDF coating. The fluorocarbon coating on PVDF aluminum composite panel increases the mechanical and physical properties of PVDF aluminum composite panel.

PVDF coated panels are available in different thicknesses and grades. Some are thicker than regular aluminum composite panels. They are useful for exterior decoration of architectures and building exteriors.

PVDF coated panels can reduce the transmission of light, and they can be used for fire prevention. They are also flame retardant. They can be installed in residential and commercial buildings.

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