Chinese Exports Increase Sharply In The First Quarter Of 2023

According to the statistics of the Chinese government, China’s import and export trade volume increased significantly in the first quarter of 2023.

After 2023 Chinese New year holiday, China government changed the covid-19 control policy, All China people are free to go abroad and all foreigners are free to come China, they don’t have to accept medical quarantine any more. The local government attaches great importance to economic development and adjust many projects to help factory advance the production efficiency.

In the first quarter of 2023, China’s total export trade has reach up 7063.3 billion dollars. All industries are booming development.

NEWCOBOND® Aluminum composite panel export value in first quarter of 2023 reached 1,103,000 dollars. Year-on-year growth is about 25%. The most fast growth exist in Africa market, second fast growth exist in middle east market.

The most popular specifications and the most sales from NEWCOBOND® is 1220*2440*4mm, for building claddings. With 0.18mm and 0.21mm 0.3mm aluminum thickness, they have good peeling strength and bending strength. Also quality PE coating and PVDF coating bring outstanding weather-resistance to end clients, so all our panles recieved good reputation from end users.

NEWCOBOND® will keep supplying premium acp to global clients. Welcome all friends around the world to contact us and have a business conversation!


Post time: Apr-05-2023