Comparison Of Aluminum Composite Panel And Aluminum Sheet

Metal curtain wall application has been used for several decades, but also in the use of aluminum sheet, aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb plate three kinds. Among the three materials, the most commonly used are aluminum sheet and aluminum composite panel. Aluminum sheet appeared earliest. Then at the late 1960s and early 1970s, aluminum composite panel was invented in Germany, and quickly became popular around the world.
So what is the difference between aluminum sheet and aluminum composite panel? Here I will make a simple comparison of these two materials:
Aluminum composite panel generally adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including the upper and lower layers of 0.06-0.5mm aluminum plate sandwiched with middle PE material.
Aluminum sheet generally use 2-4mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum plate or AA3003 and other high-quality aluminum alloy plate, Chinese domestic market generally use 2.5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate;
We can see from the raw material, the cost of aluminum composite panel is certainly much lower than aluminum sheet. The general market situation: price of 4mm thick aluminum composite panel is ¥120/SQM lower than price of 2.5mm thick aluminum sheet. For example, one project of 10,000 square meters, if we use aluminum composite panel, the total cost will save ¥1200,000
The processing of aluminum composite panel is more complex than that of aluminum sheet, mainly including four processes: formation, coating, composite and trimming. These four processes are all automatic production except for trimming.We can see from its processing , aluminum composite panel has certain advantages in environmental protection and safety.
Spraying production of aluminum sheet is divided into two steps: the first step is sheet metal processing.This process is mainly through cutting the plate, edge, arc, welding, grinding and other processes, to make aluminum sheet into the shape and size required for construction.The second step is spraying.There are two kinds of spraying, one is manual spraying, another one is machine spraying.
Product Usage
The appearance of aluminum sheet is worse than that of aluminum composite panel, but its mechanical performance is obviously better than that of aluminum composite panel, and its wind pressure resistance is also better than that of aluminum composite panel. But in most country, the wind pressure is completely affordable for aluminum composite panel. So aluminum composite panel is more proper for most projects.
Work Progress
The construction process of aluminum composite panel and aluminum sheet is roughly the same.The biggest difference is aluminum composite panel processed in the site into the required shape and specifications, which means it has a greater construction freedom. On the contrary ,aluminum sheet is processed by manufacturers, due to the relationship of equipment accuracy, usually in the construction process will encounter some small trouble.
In addition, in terms of ensuring the delivery time of the construction process, the mass production of aluminum composite panel is much faster than that of aluminum sheet production, the schedule guarantee system is better accordingly.


Post time: May-16-2022