The Purchase Peak Season For Aluminum Composite Panel Has Came

As we know due to the increase in price of raw materials such as aluminum composite panel,PE granules, polymer films,transportation costs during the last 6 months, All the acp manufacturers had to increase the aluminum composite panel prices by 7-10%. Many distributors reduced orders and waiting for the change of such difficult business environment.

Good news is that the price of aluminum composite panel has been reduced much recently. Prices are falling for two main reasons.One is the decline of sea freight since August ,the price for each shipping line has a different level of reduction. Several shipping line even lower around 1000 dollars for one container, this has greatly reduced the cost of importing PE Granules.
Another very important reason is the price of aluminum ingots lower,this has brought great changes to the whole aluminum composite panel industry.

The purchase peak season has came from August to now, our factory has received a large of orders from many countries .Only one month ,our sales have higher than the total of the past three months and continue to grow.

Post time: Sep-14-2022