NEWCOBOND® Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel 4*0.3mm/4*0.4mm/4*0.5mm with 1220*2440mm &1500*3050mm

Short Description:

NEWCOBOND® Fireproof aluminum composite panel are specially produced for the projects that have requirement for fireproof. They are made of fireproof core materials, meet B1 or A2 fire rated.
Excellent fireproof performance makes them become one of very popular fireproof building materials around the world, widely used for hotels, office buildings, school, hospital, shopping malls and many other projects. Since founded in 2008 year, NEWCOBOND® fireproof ACP have been exporting to more than 20 countries and recieved very good reputation because of its outstanding fireproof performance and high cost efficiency.
Popular thickness is 4*0.3mm/4*0.4mm/4*0.5mm, size can be customized according to project’s requirement.


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It is a safe fire prevention material, in line with the fire resistance requirements of building regulations. NEWCOBOND fireproof series ACP reached B1and A2 fireproof grade.



NEWCOBOND used recyclable PE materials that imported from Japan and Korea, composite with pure AA1100 aluminum, it’s totally non-toxic and friendly to environment.



NEWCOBOND ACP has good strength and flexibility, it’s easy to transform, cut, fold,drill, curve and install them.



Surface treatment with high-grade ultraviolet-resistant polyester paint (ECCA) request,guarantee 8-10 years; if use the KYNAR 500 PVDF paint, guaranteed 15-20 years.


Aluminum Alloy AA1100
Aluminum Skin 0.3mm /0.4mm /0.5mm
Panel Length 2440mm 3050mm 4050mm 5000mm
Panel Width 1220mm 1250mm 1500mm
Panel Thickness 4mm 5mm 6mm
Surface treatment PE / PVDF
Colors All Pantone & Ral Standard Colors
Customization of size and color Available
Item Standard Result
Coating Thickness PE≥16um 30um
Surface pencil hardness ≥HB ≥16H
Coating Flexibility ≥3T 3T
Color Difference ∆E≤2.0 ∆E<1.6
Impact Resistance impact -paint no split for panel No Split
Abrasion Resistance ≥5L/um 5L/um
Chemical Resistance 2%HCI or 2%NaOH test in 24hours-No Change No Change
Coating Adhesion ≥1grade for 10*10mm2 gridding test 1grade
Peeling Strength Average ≥5N/mm of 180oC peel off for panel with 0.21mm 9N/mm
Bending Strength ≥100Mpa 130Mpa
Bending Elastic Modulus ≥2.0*104MPa 2.0*104MPa
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 100℃ temperature difference 2.4mm/m
Temperature Resistance -40℃ to +80℃ temperature without change of color difference and paint peel off,peeling strength average dropped≤10% Change of glossy only.No paint peel off
Hydrochloric Acid Resistance No change No change
Nitric Acid Resistance No Abnormity ΔE≤5 ΔE4.5
Oil Resistance No change No change
Solvent Resistance No base exposed No base exposed

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